travel through space and time

the beginning part is just-so-so, the main body of the movie is boring, but the latter part is perfect.
oh, and also, with an stereotyped ending.

let alone the possibility of communicate through space and time, the movie is well. but i just cannot help to think about the logic and the feasibility.

a man lived in 2004 and a woman in 2006, they communicate through the lake house and an old mail box. i think it is of curiosity that they fell in love with each other. and then they tried different ways to meet with each other in real life. maybe they have met before, but they never officially attached to each other. it is confusing, and lack of logic.

but one thing i think it is designed perfect is that, the man failed to show up in the woman's world in 2006, because he was dead in 2004, or in his way to 2006.

but fortunately, or, unfortunately for me, the woman realize the secret and warn the man. so they finally wait and see each other. so the story comes to a very happy ending.

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